I've started to write code in TypeScript for 3 days. I have completed all my class designs but at this point I'm writing the main function. Everything is nice but somebody have to run the Main() function. I do this with this way;

  • by calling directly Main();

I'm just curious about that is there any method which is not triggered by me ? or How do you handle your Main() methods when typing your code in TypeScript?

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Unlike class-based languages, JavaScript does not require a main method.

Since TypeScript is a super-set of JavaScript, all JavaScript code is also valid TypeScript, and therefore doesn't need a main.

So, you can call your Object (JavaScript) or Class (TypeScript) anything you'd like -- Main, DoThis or even ServeMeADrink and all are equally valid and can be invoked by calling, just as you've done.

They can also be invoked by:

  • event handlers
  • A framework's system, such as the data-main attribute used by some MVC/JavaScript systems.
  • You are right! This is useful. Event handlers look like a good choice. With these line of code is actually does what I want - window.addEventListener("load",Main,false); -
    – Erdi İzgi
    Aug 12, 2014 at 20:28

TypeScript, as JavaScript, doesn't have a main function. The code is executed from top to bottom, so you can just create the function and call it at the end of the main file, after the imports.

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