I am working with SASS in Netbeans 8. Now i have a project structure as:

  |-- index.php 
  |-- css
  |    |-- style.css
  |-- _dev
        |-- sass
              |-- style.scss
              |-- components
                    |-- header.scss
                    |-- footer.scss


Input: /_dev/sass

Output: /css

Compiler options: -I ${web.root}/_dev/scss --load-path ${web.root}/_dev/scss --style compressed

Style.scss does @import header and footer. When i save the style.scss, netbeans runs the Sass compiler and generates. Only if i save header.scss or footer.scss it does not trigger the sass compiler. How to let Netbeans automatic compile on save?

  • Netbeans 8 (Build 201403101706) on MacOS
  • Sass 3.3.14
  • Compass 0.12.7 (Alnilam)

did you check the checkbox "Compile Sass Files on Save"? In my case, I don't use any compiler options and it's working fine. It compiles all the sub-folder files (in /styles/scss/) when I save them. netbeans project properties window (To get this window, right click on the project in project pannel > properties, but I think you already have figured it out.)

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