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I'm new to Swift! I'd like to know how I can use custom fonts in my swift application in Xcode 6.

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You just drag the font file (.ttf) into the resources area on the left pane of Xcode.

When you drop it in, a dialog box will appear. Make sure the target for your application checkbox is checked. Then add the following key to your plist:

Fonts provided by application

With the values of the filename "myFont.ttf"

UPDATE (see comment below)

Also make sure the font is added to the Copy Bundle Resources (found under Target -> Build Phases) I just spent about an hour on this, and I was the one who answered this question months ago lol.


Another helpful tip to find the name of the font for the font-family if you are using CSS is to run the following command:

NSLog("Available fonts: %@", UIFont.familyNames());

It prints out all the font name available to the system, including the ones you custom added.

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    I was able to access the font from the interface builder, but fail when using it in code. Turn out that the fonts must be added to targets->Build Phase ->Copy Bundle Resources too (codewithchris.com/…) – Cymric Dec 31 '14 at 10:46

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