I formed a data frame whose entries are this:

     month       val
1  Apr. 2013  0.1820011
2  Aug. 2013 -0.1278371
3  Dec. 2012 -0.4365417
4  Dec. 2013  0.7253285
5  Feb. 2013 -0.8435299
      .           .
      .           .

There are 15 rows in the frame.Now I want to plot the val values on the graph and the entries of month should be shown as the tick marks on x axis. I executed this command:

plot(mat$val,type="o",col="blue", xlab = "Month", ylab = "Values")
axis(1, at=1:15,labels=mat$month, col.axis="blue", las=0)

but on the graph every alternate x-axis tick is shown as integer. So, first tick is shown as Apr. 2013 but then next tick is 2(instead of Aug. 2013), then third tick is Dec. 2012 but then next tick is 4 (instead of Dec. 2013). Thus every alternate x-axis tick is shown as integer. How to resolve this?

Also how can I make the at parameter in axis() more generic? I mean right now I know I have 15 rows in my data frame so I put 1:15 in there but if there are more than this row next time then it will be wrong. So, how can I make to read from data frame and fill the at based on number of rows that are there in frame?


You can turn off plotting of the integer x-axis with xaxt = "n".

plot(mat$val,type="o", col="blue", xlab = "Month", ylab = "Values", xaxt = "n")

And you can make a sequence the same length as the number of rows in your dataframe with nrow(mat).

axis(1, at=1:nrow(mat), labels=mat$month, col.axis="blue", las=0)
  • that turns off integer plotting but alternate ticks from the mat$month are still skipped.in place of where at first integers were shown on alternate ticks, it shows nothing. it should show month names from mat$month which are skipped – Jason Donnald Aug 13 '14 at 23:55
  • 2
    @JasonDonnald - make your plot window a bit wider. R is suppressing the labels because it can't fit them in. – thelatemail Aug 14 '14 at 0:08

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