Our performance testing team is running test on our WPF-WCF-Sql Server application and they are facing connection timeout after the load goes above 75 users

Error -27796: Failed to connect to server "": [10060] Connection timed out

I would like to know what can be steps to look at bottlenecks which may be causing issues like maybe some setting in Load Runner or identify the code bottlenecks.


  • Use SiteScope on your server. There is a SiteScope license that comes with LR so you don't need to buy anything. – Buzzy Aug 14 '14 at 11:01

Based on what you wrote my first guess would be a configuration on the server that only allows 75 active sessions to connect to it. I would start by looking into the server's configuration for concurrent threads/sessions/connections.

you need to change the runtime settings in load runner{press F4} , in miscellaneous >options and change connection timeout to around 240 seconds depending how your application is responding.

now loadrunner will wait for about 4 minutes until response is received.

Check similar settings for step download timeout in case of downloads are there in your application.

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