I have a static library ssdk_ks_km.a which is needed to the linux kernel. I tried the following method:

1, edit linux/Makefile as below

libs-y1 := $(patsubst %/, %/lib.a, $(libs-y))
libs-y2 := $(patsubst %/, %/built-in.o, $(libs-y))
##libs-y := $(libs-y1) $(libs-y2)
libs-y3 := $(patsubst %/, %/ssdk_ks_km.a, $(libs-y))
libs-y := $(libs-y1) $(libs-y2) $(libs-y3)

2, copy ssdk_ks_km.a into directories linux/lib and linux/arch/arm/lib

3, make uImage

4, load the uImage into an ARM based development board.

It is successfully complied but the static library ssdk_ks_km.a seems not to be linked to the kernel.

Is the method correct or not? And how can I know the static library is successfully linked to the linux kernel.

Thank You!!!

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