Does anyone know how I can add a class to the link rendered using the Html.RouteLink helper method in ASP.Net MVC, it has the htmlAttributes object as the last parameter which I assumed I would be able to use, but since class is obviously a reserved word, I cannot supply this as one of the properties on the object.

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Try this:

<%= Html.RouteLink("Default", "Default",null, new { @class="css_class"}) %>

Just use uppercase for html attribute, like this:

<%= Html.RouteLink("Default", "Default",null, new { Class="css_class"}) %>
  • Yes that does work, but unfortunately this now means that my html no longer validate as xhtml strict due to the case. Ideally I would like to find a solution which doesn't involve compromising the markup.
    – Raoul
    Commented Oct 31, 2008 at 11:32

Please note that in the c# specificaiton, the @ special character is used in front of a variable name to allow the use of keyword as a variable name. So @class = "css_class" means setting value of the property called "class" to css_class


Thanks Robert, In my case(ASP.NET MVC) with razor syntax, I used it in another manner.

@Html.RouteLink("Default", "Default",null, new { @class="css_class"})

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