I dislike vim cluttering my working directory with backup and swap files, but I don't want to turn them off in case something crashes. I found elsewhere than adding lines like:

set backupdir=./.backup
set directory=./.backup

in the vim configuration file (.vimrc) tells vim to put those files in a hidden directory. This is great except that if I do not manually create these hidden directories, it seems vim does not create backup or swap files. I saw somewhere else lines like:

set backupdir=./.backup,/tmp,.
set directory=./.backup,/tmp,.

and thought that this would tell vim to use the other locations -- /tmp or . -- if it cannot use ./.backup, but vim does not seem to do so. How would I make vim to either (1) create the needed ./backup directory, or (2) use the working directory if the ./backup directory does not exist?


What I have in mine to create a directory if it doesn't exist is:

silent !mkdir ~/.vim/backups > /dev/null 2>&1

I'm sure you can modify to suit your needs, most likely:

silent !mkdir ./.backup > /dev/null 2>&1

:h 'backupdir' and :h 'directory' seem to indicate that your solution should work.

To check:

  1. Add set directory=./.backup,/tmp,. to your ~/.vimrc.
  2. Close vim.
  3. Make sure ~/.backup does not exist.
  4. Reopen your ~/.vimrc in vim.
  5. Check for .vimrc.swp in /tmp. (ls -la /tmp | grep .vimrc.swp)

Works for me.

set backup
if !isdirectory($HOME."/.vim/backupdir")
    silent! execute "!mkdir ~/.vim/backupdir"
set backupdir=~/.vim/backupdir
"not generate .swap
set noswapfile

add those to your ~/.vimrc, you'll find the backup in your directory ~/.vim/backupdir

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