using acra, the following code does not compile with error

DEFAULT_REPORT_FIELDS cannot be resolved or is not a field

private Map<String, String> remap(Map<ReportField, String> report) {  
      ReportField[] fields = ACRA.getConfig().customReportContent();  
      if (fields.length == 0) {  
           fields = ACRA.DEFAULT_REPORT_FIELDS;
      final Map<String, String> finalReport = new HashMap<String, String>(  
      for (ReportField field : fields) {  
           if (mMapping == null || mMapping.get(field) == null) {  
                finalReport.put(field.toString(), report.get(field));  
           } else {  
                finalReport.put(mMapping.get(field), report.get(field));  
      return finalReport;  

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That must be for an old(er) version. Try this instead:


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