I am trying to configure Karma to use jasmine-jquery without success ...

In my karma.conf.js file I have configured the framework:

frameworks: ['jasmine'],

and have loaded the required dependencies:

    files: [

But when I run my test using grunt test, I have the following:

    TypeError: undefined is not a function
        at null.<anonymous> (/home/sofarell/workspace/myapp/bower_components/jasmine-jquery/lib/jasmine-jquery.js:352:13)

Looking at the source code of jasmine-jquery.js, it looks like it's not finding the jasmine reference probably because jasmine-jquery is being loaded before jasmine:

351. beforeEach(function () {
352.   jasmine.addMatchers({
353.     toHaveClass: function () {

Anyone else has faced this problem? Is there a way to solve that?

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I just worked through this myself, turns out my karma-jasmine version was too old (~0.1.5). Bumped it to ~0.2.0 in packages.json, did an npm install, which installed 0.2.2, and it worked. This github issue from the jasmine-jquery repo was the key.

  • Hi Tarek, thanks very much for the answer! It finally worked! – Jefferson Sofarelli Aug 20 '14 at 10:31

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