I'm currently thinking about creating a soft realtime mobile phone webapp, but when I started researching websockets, I found a load of scare stories about websocket connections dropping out on mobile phones:

WebSockets over a 3G connection


Can this still be considered a problem?

Relatedly, I suspect a long polling client might be a good way to implement similar functionality, but wondered about the mobile specific issues I'm likely to encounter.

So far, I've read that long polling requests may have a considerable impact on battery life. I also hear that iOS somehow limits the number of connection made to a single server, which might be a problem.

Have any of you worked on a mobile application with a realtime component? And if you have, what challenges did you encounter, and how did you overcome them?

  • I would be interested in seeing an answer for this too – Vineet Apr 10 '15 at 10:18

I build several websocket webapp with real time data and they perform very well on the iphone and mobile. Websockets keep a ping/pong connection to see if the connection is still alive. Things that have caused disconnection:

  • If you close down the app the connection will be dropped (on iOS webapps).
  • If the network does go down (wifi/3g/4g) you will be dropped and not recover anything that was sent in that dropped time.


  • Write a simple reconnection routine into the onclose part of your javascript that tries to reconnect after a certain amount of seconds.

    function connect(){
        websocket = new WebSocket("wss://myws:5020");
            setTimeout(connect,5000); //re-connect after 5 seconds
            //..and so on

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