I have custom my website's cursor. But css cursor: url(...); Only work with .gif .png or .cur. I want use .ani file but it's only work in IE.

cursor: url(../img/mcursor.cur),auto;
  • .ani is a windows-specific format. no surprise it only works in IE, since MS is of the firm opinion that other operating systems are figments of misguided users' opinions.
    – Marc B
    Aug 15 '14 at 16:20

IE supports .ani and .cur using Windows APIs. Webkit/Blink and Firefox have their own parsers for .cur (see ICOImageDecoder and nsICODecoder), but they do not have parsers for the ani format (as evidenced by no results from a code search for [ANIHEADER] etc.)

See Animated cursor support in web applications? for animated cursor support on browsers other than IE. Basically, at this time nobody else really supports any animated cursors.


I've written a library which will allow you to use .ani cursors in the browser. It uses a JavaScript parser to convert .ani cursors into CSS animations at runtime.

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