Does anyone have any experience with CouchDB where a real DAL was utilized? CouchDB is not like any other datastore out there, esp. due to its notion of views which add an interesting dynamic to data - business logic separation... not to mention revision controlling the application source code.

Side Note: Libraries like Nano are not a DAL. They are akin to a database driver. Using Nano directly from business logic would tie the application to CouchDB. Not what I want. Instead my custom made DAL uses Nano as a driver, but separates the business logic from Nano completely.

Question: any best practices or documents I should read? Any existing DALs that can switch between MongoDB & CouchDB for common things (to act as a starting point for what I am trying to do)?


You may want to check out resourceful https://github.com/flatiron/resourceful it has support for several data adapters, including mongodb and couchdb

Here is a simple use case:

var resourceful = require('resourceful');

var Creature = resourceful.define('creature', function () {
  // Specify a storage engine

  // Specify some properties with validation

  // Specify timestamp properties

// Now that the `Creature` prototype is defined
// we can add custom logic to be available on all instances
Creature.prototype.feed = function (food) {

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