I have a gird that has some values, when I click edit I am able to see the values in the function being called but when I set the value that I need to be selected it seem not to get set in the dropdown. One thing I did notice is the value is set like "1" but the data returned is just 1, not sure it that would cause the issue

I am pretty sure this is something simple but not able to see what I am missing.


This has the value but the selected option does not get set

My code

var objUserList;
vmUserListModel = function () {
  var self = this;
  self.UserList = ko.observableArray([]); // Populate the users
  self.Partners = ko.observableArray([]); // Populate the Partners
  self.selectedPartner = ko.observable();

  self.EditUser = function (index, data) {
     console.log(data.ProgramID()); // here I can see the value but it shows as a number with the ""
     objUserList.GetPartners();  // populate a the dropdown from an ajax call
     objUserList.selectedPartner(data.ProgramID());  // in firebug console again the value is here



The edit icon place that calls the above edit function

<div data-bind="event: {click: $root.EditUser.bind($data, $index())}">

The select binding

<select id="Partner" data-bind="options: objUserList.Partners, optionsText: 'ProgramName', optionsValue: 'ProgramID', value: objUserList.selectedPartner, optionsCaption: 'Select'">

I tried to reproduce using an existing fiddle as found the same issue


Working code

I am filling the dropdown via an ajax call. So even before the ajax call returned the value, I was trying to set the selected value. Adding valueAllowUnset: true fixed the issue


The problem with the fiddle had nothing to do with your question. It was that value binding was added twice with different values, I fixed that and it worked: http://jsfiddle.net/0j2n2ay3/

About your question, so you're biding your select to self.selectedPartner but in the function you are updating the value of objUserList.selectedPartner? What if you try to set self.selectedPartner(data.ProgramID()); instead?

  • That did not make a difference as the dropdown is being filled by a ajax call. So even before the value got returned from the ajax call I was trying to set the selected value. I added valueAllowUnset and that worked. I updated my answer with the working code – Adrian Aug 17 '14 at 10:11

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