I get this error message on a textbox field when I want to validate its form. There is a requiredif validation attribute on this field, but this field is a clone of its original. I changed all properties of it and even its rules also copied.


public class ModelClientValidationRequiredIfRule : ModelClientValidationRule
      public ModelClientValidationRequiredIfRule(string errorMessage, 
                             string otherProperty, 
                             Comparison comparison, 
                             object[] value)
        ErrorMessage = errorMessage;
        ValidationType = "requiredif";
        ValidationParameters.Add("other", otherProperty);
        ValidationParameters.Add("comp", comparison.ToString().ToLower());
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
        int valueLength = value.Length;
        int utolsoElem = valueLength - 1;
        for (int i = 0; i < valueLength; i++)
            if (i != utolsoElem)

        ValidationParameters.Add("value", sb.ToString().ToLower());

JavaScript code for initializing the validation:

jQuery.validator.unobtrusive.adapters.add("requiredif", ["other", "comp", "value"],
function (options) {
  options.rules['requiredif'] = {
      other: options.params.other,
      comp: options.params.comp,
      value: options.params.value
  if (options.message) {
      options.messages['requiredif'] = options.message;

} );

JavaScript code from clone method:

thisRaw.prev().find("td:eq(1) input")
    .attr("id", "Cert_" + numOfCer + "__EndDate")
    .attr("name", "Cert[" + numOfCer + "].EndDate")
    .attr("data-val-requiredif-other", "Cert[" + numOfCer + "].BizonyitvanyFajta");
var rules = $('form').find('#Cert_0__EndDate').rules();
rules['messages'] = $('form').data('validator').settings.messages["Cert[0].EndDate"];
thisRaw.prev().find("td:eq(1) input").rules("add", rules);
thisRaw.prev().find("td:eq(1) span").attr("data-valmsg-for", "Cert[" + numOfCer + "].EndDate");

$("#Cert_" + numOfCer + "__StartDate").removeClass("hasDatepicker");
$("#Cert_" + numOfCer + "__EndDate").removeClass("hasDatepicker");


Unfortunately, I cannot find the error. Can anybody help me, please?

EDIT: This line is missing from the cloe method:

rules['messages'] = $('form').data('validator').settings.messages["Cert[0].EndDate"];

Now it works well.
Thanks to this site:


You can pass multiple message. use like this $.validator.messages.[custom method name] ='Your message'.

jQuery.validator.addMethod("custom_method_name", function(value, element){

$.validator.messages.custom_method_name = 'Your message1';
return false;

$.validator.messages.custom_method_name = 'Your message2';
return false;

return true;


I've just come across this. Another way to do this is to override the jQuery validation. I got this due to not providing a message to my custom validation.

var errorMessage = "something";
jQuery.validator.addMethod("ruleName", function(value, element, errorMessage){
    //code to validate, return bool

And in my markup I add the class "ruleName" to the attribute

<input id="someInput" class="ruleName"></input>

Both ways are valid.

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