I would like to write a like query in JpaRepository but it is not returning anything :

LIKE '%place%'-its not working.

LIKE 'place' works perfectly.

Here is my code :

public interface RegisterUserRepository extendsJpaRepository<Registration,Long> {

    @Query("Select c from Registration c where c.place like :place")
     List<Registration> findByPlaceContaining(@Param("place")String place);

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The spring data JPA query needs the "%" chars as well as a space char following like in your query, as in

@Query("Select c from Registration c where c.place like %:place%").

Cf. http://docs.spring.io/spring-data/jpa/docs/current/reference/html.

You may want to get rid of the @Queryannotation alltogether, as it seems to resemble the standard query (automatically implemented by the spring data proxies); i.e. using the single line

List<Registration> findByPlaceContaining(String place);

is sufficient.

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    It may be useful also to ignore case for a query, using: findByPlaceIgnoreCaseContaining(String place);
    – ilyailya
    Jan 15, 2016 at 15:39
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    Just as a side comment - you can't mix and match %:param% with %param% inside the same query. Otherwise the app will not even start.
    – RVP
    Apr 18, 2016 at 9:43
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    Thank you. I used to write like '%:place%' with ' and there were no results at all, because Hibernate adds 's to strings by itself. Jan 14, 2019 at 6:12
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    @Query("Select c from Registration c where c.place like %:place%"). is not working in Spring Boot Version 2.3.3. would you please give some idea about why can I make it work while using 2.3.3
    – user10767069
    Dec 2, 2020 at 9:54
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    @SubhaBhowmik Which version is exactly not working? You say for 2.3.3 it's working and not working. I was also struggling with %:param% with Spring Boot 2.4.0 but figured out that you cannot have %:param% inside an SQL function: F.e. in LOWER('%:param%') the :param is not substituted because of the quote signs. Hope that can help you. Dec 2, 2020 at 12:52

You dont actually need the @Query annotation at all.

You can just use the following

    public interface RegisterUserRepository extends JpaRepository<Registration,Long>{
    List<Registration> findByPlaceIgnoreCaseContaining(String place);

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    For me this one is the best solution. i didn't know you can use IgnoreCase combined with Containing, It isn't in the documentation. Jan 18, 2017 at 15:23
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    What about the case when I want to use many columns ? - I believe @Query() is a must, right ? With that approach I would have to make or that isn't actually a well suited solution for that case:findByField1OrField2Containg(String phraseForField1, String phraseForField2) Mar 21, 2018 at 9:32

For your case, you can directly use JPA methods. That code is like bellow :

Containing: select ... like %:place%

List<Registration> findByPlaceContainingIgnoreCase(String place);

here, IgnoreCase will help you to search item with ignoring the case.

Using @Query in JPQL :

@Query("Select registration from Registration registration where 
registration.place LIKE  %?1%")
List<Registration> findByPlaceContainingIgnoreCase(String place);

Here are some related methods:

  1. Like findByPlaceLike

    … where x.place like ?1

  2. StartingWith findByPlaceStartingWith

    … where x.place like ?1 (parameter bound with appended %)

  3. EndingWith findByPlaceEndingWith

    … where x.place like ?1 (parameter bound with prepended %)

  4. Containing findByPlaceContaining

    … where x.place like ?1 (parameter bound wrapped in %)

More info, view this link (where the above quote is from), this link and this


You can also implement the like queries using Spring Data JPA supported keyword "Containing".

List<Registration> findByPlaceContaining(String place);

Try this.

@Query("Select c from Registration c where c.place like '%'||:place||'%'")
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    – hong4rc
    Jul 10, 2020 at 2:31

You can have one alternative of using placeholders as:

@Query("Select c from Registration c where c.place LIKE  %?1%")
List<Registration> findPlaceContainingKeywordAnywhere(String place);

I use this:

@Query("Select c from Registration c where lower(c.place) like lower(concat('%', concat(:place, '%')))")

lower() is like toLowerCase in String, so the result isn't case sensitive.

  • I use the same method but when variable in lower function is null I get the following error, how to add a null check? function lower(bytea) does not exist Dec 4, 2020 at 6:48

when call funtion, I use: findByPlaceContaining("%" + place);

or: findByPlaceContaining(place + "%");

or: findByPlaceContaining("%" + place + "%");


We can use native query

@Query(nativeQuery = true, value ="Select * from Registration as c where c.place like %:place%")

List<Registration> findByPlaceContaining(@Param("place")String place);

I had to use something like this CONCAT('%',:setName,'%')


answer exactly will be

-->` @Query("select u from Category u where u.categoryName like %:input%")
     List findAllByInput(@Param("input") String input);

There can be various approaches. As mentioned in answer of many, if possible you can use JPA predefined template query.

List<Registration> findByPlaceContainingIgnoreCase(String place);

Also, you can append '%' in java layer before calling the above method.

If complex query, then you can normally use @Query one

@Query("Select r from Registration r where r.place like '%' || :place || '%'")

For readability, you can use below one

@Query("Select r from Registration r where r.place like CONCAT('%', :place, '%'")

Found solution without @Query (actually I tried which one which is "accepted". However, it didn't work).

Have to return Page<Entity> instead of List<Entity>:

public interface EmployeeRepository 
                          extends PagingAndSortingRepository<Employee, Integer> {
    Page<Employee> findAllByNameIgnoreCaseStartsWith(String name, Pageable pageable);

IgnoreCase part was critical for achieving this!


You can just simply say 'Like' keyword after parameters..

List<Employee> findAllByNameLike(String name);

Us like this

@Query("from CasFhgDeviceView where deviceGroupName like concat(concat('%CSGW%', :usid), '%') ")

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This is now possible with Spring Data JPA. Check out http://docs.spring.io/spring-data/jpa/docs/current/reference/html/#query-by-example

Registration registration = new Registration();

ExampleMatcher matcher = ExampleMatcher.matchingAll()

Example<Registration> example = Example.of(registration, matcher);

List<Registration> registrationList = registerUserRepository.findAll(example);

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