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What ActionMessages is?

ActionMessages is basically a class that holds messages that you want to display on a JSP page. Messages can be added in ActionMessages in an Action(controller) class. On the JSP, the position where the messages are intended to be displayed, is marked by <html:messages/> tag. Hence, all your messages are rendered automatically on that specific position.

These messages are usually feedback texts that need to appear after some user actions. For example, if the user creates a new record, a feedback message could be "Record created successfully!".

  • Explain what an ActionMessage is – skaffman Mar 29 '10 at 9:00

Spring has an Errors class (refer to the Chapter 5. Validation, Data-binding, the BeanWrapper, and PropertyEditors) to report... errors but no direct equivalent of Struts ActionMessage (can be used for regular messages too, not only errors). There is a Jira issue about this: SPR-2657.

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