I want to create a linked list in C, but when I use the code below, gcc throws this error:

Error: invalid type argument of '->' (have 'struct list')

The code is:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h> 

struct list{
    int age;
    struct list *next;

void create_item(int *total_items, 
                 struct list where_is_first_item,
                 struct list where_is_last_item)

    struct list *generic_item;
    generic_item = malloc(sizeof(struct list));
    printf("\nage of item %d: ", (*total_items)+1);
    scanf("%d", &generic_item->age);

    if(*total_items == 0){

        printf("\nitem created\n");

        printf("\nitem created\n");

int main (void){
    struct list *where_is_first_item;
    struct list *where_is_last_item;
    int total_items=0;
    printf("\n\n\tCREATE A NEW ITEM\n");
    create_item(&total_items, where_is_first_item, where_is_last_item);
    return 0;

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void create_item(int *total_items, struct list *where_is_first_item, struct list *where_is_last_item) 

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You are also referencing invalid memory because you allocate to generic_item but then reference where_is_first_item. where_is_first_item is not allocated to. Try where_is_first_item = generic_item; before you use where_is_first_item.

You will also find that the pointers in your main function remain unmodified because the pointer values are being passed. Here it gets confusing/interesting: if you want your pointers in main to be modified you need to pass pointers to pointers: struct_list **where_is_first_item. Trust me, that is likely to do your head in.

  • thank's for your answer. I change the code but when i executed it, it give me 'segmentation fault' after introduce the age of the first item. Commented Aug 18, 2014 at 17:56

You forgot to pass your struct prameters as pointers.


create_item(int *total_items, struct list where_is_first_item, struct list where_is_last_item)


create_item(int *total_items, struct list *where_is_first_item, struct list *where_is_last_item)

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