I am trying to add permissions to a Liferay-Portlet based on the documentation of Liferay. Since the Portlet will be delivered in a war-package, I want to mantain the permission definition of the portlets inside the portlet itself.

I created a file resource-actions.xml with the following content (portlet-name is identical to the name specified in portlet.xml and liferay-*.xml):

<?xml version="1.0"?>

There is no model-resource defined, because first I just want to see, if Liferay loads the permissions I set in the mapping file.

I placed the file in the folders - WEB-INF - WEB-INF/classes - inside the portal-impl.jar of Liferay - ...

But the new permission TEST_PERM does not show up under Control Panel -> Roles -> Define Permissions -> Add Portlet Permissions -> test-portlet. Does anybody know, what I am doing wrong here?


I posted this question in the offical Liferay forum and got a nice reply:

I've faced this before and placed resource file in \WEB-INF\classes\resource-actions my resource-actions.zip is attached. hope it helps

Link to the Liferay-Forum: Where to place resource-action-mapping in Liferay-Portlet?

  • the file in 'WEB-INF\classes\resource-action' is derived. You should better use/edit the file inside 'WEB-INF\src\resource-actions' – yannicuLar Mar 5 '13 at 15:11

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