I have discovered the wget and this command is awesome.

In my tests, I've tried to download an entire folder from a Github repository, but the folder does not download like a folder, the download file is an archive with no extension.


wget https://github.com/peachananr/onepage-scroll/tree/master/Demo

Note: I want the files in this folder.

There's a way?



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The file that wget downloaded is actually an html page that is the "view" that you see when you access the URL (that you had given).

The github webpage is just a "frontend" to the git code. To access the code, you need to either access the github link via GIT, or you can download the various released versions of the software from the Releases page of onepage-scroll

That said, you can take a look at this: Download a single folder or directory from a GitHub repo

Hope this helps.

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