I cannot scaffold using webtools in phalcon-devtools. It returns this stack trace

( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: modelsNamespace in D:\Apps\phalcon-devtools\scripts\Phalcon\Builder\Scaffold.php on line 173
Call Stack
#   Time    Memory  Function    Location
1   0.0004  141920  {main}( )   ..\webtools.php:0
2   0.0010  196872  Phalcon\Web\Tools::main( )  ..\webtools.php:26
3   0.0018  230912  handle ( )  ..\Tools.php:322
4   0.0019  252888  dispatch ( )    ..\Tools.php:322
5   0.0027  276096  ScaffoldController->generateAction( )   ..\Tools.php:0
6   0.0041  454728  Phalcon\Builder\Scaffold->build( )  ..\ScaffoldController.php:67

Is it a bug in phalcon-devtools or misconfigured in my phalcon-devtools?


I had the same problem, but this is just a notice and it is not the reason for program halt. I think the reason is that in your config file you used ../app/models for your models directory just like me :-P , but phalcon-devtools isn't in your project directory and it can't find such a folder for creating model in it. by changing model directory to __DIR__/../app/models the problem will be solved.

  • I think this issues has been solved in the new version of phalcon dev tools – saggaf.arsyad Feb 3 '15 at 4:40

Add this line after the line n 541 on phalcon-devtools\scripts\Phalcon\Builder\scaffold.php

$options['controllersNamespace'] = 'YOURNAMESPACE\Frontend\Controllers';

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