So I'm creating a Fantasy Football draft helper, and it's a 12-team snake draft format, which proceeds 1 through 12 LTR, then 13 through 24 RTL, then 25 through 36 LTR




So, the person with the #1 overall position (Team A) also finds themselves in the #24 and #25 position.

The #12 position also has the #13 position, as the order "wraps around" a grid.

Like so

Here is what I have come up with to flag any team's overall orders dynamically, based on draft position, but I'm no math whiz, and it seems wonky to have a special case for position=1 that doesn't apply to any of the other cases. This works, but I want to know what the real math is for this, if anyone knows.

Here is a fiddle I created with some sample code, based on my current solution.

var TEAMS = 12;
var ROUNDS = 4; 
var POS = 1;
var $overallOrder = $('#overallOrder');
var total = TEAMS * ROUNDS;
if (POS > TEAMS) { alert("only " + TEAMS + " teams"); return false; }
for (var i=1; i<=total; i++) {
    var isMyTurn = false;
    if ((i % (2*TEAMS)) == ((2*TEAMS) - (POS-1))) {
        isMyTurn = true;
    if ((i % (2*TEAMS)) == POS) {
        isMyTurn = true;
    //special case for first position ?
    if (POS==1 && (i % (2*TEAMS)) == 0) {
        isMyTurn = true;
    var turnText = (isMyTurn) ? i + " My Turn!" : i ;

Try changing the POS var from 1-12 and you can see the results. Again, I'm looking for the mathematical function that would encapsulate the above logic, if anyone knows. Thanks!



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Comments in your code would be nice.

The fundamental problem is that % runs from 0 to 2*TEAMS-1, but you’re thinking from 1 to 2*TEAMS: you end up needing a special case for POS==1 is because (2*TEAMS)-(POS-1) turns out to be 2*TEAMS, but i%(2*TEAMS) is never 2*TEAMS. The easy fix is to change it to ((2*TEAMS)-(POS-1))%(2*TEAMS). This allows you to get things down to

var turnText = i;

if ((i % (2*TEAMS)) == ((2*TEAMS)-(POS-1))%(2*TEAMS) 
    || (i % (2*TEAMS)) == POS) {
    turnText += " My Turn!";

Another approach is to use (i-1)%(2*TEAMS)+1 to get the modulus into 1 to 2*TEAMS.

If you want to get it down to one conditional not using ||, you can exploit the symmetry of the snake around TEAMS+.5.

if ( Math.abs(TEAMS+.5-((i-1)%(2*TEAMS)+1))==TEAMS+.5-POS )

But I find this harder to read than the previous version.


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