Here's a function from the Dollar framework for Swift:

public class func bind<T, E>(function: (T...) -> E, _ parameters: T...) -> (() -> E) {
    return { () -> E in
        typealias TType = (T...)
        return function(unsafeBitCast(parameters, TType.self))

In the line with the typealias I get the Cannot create a variadic tuple error. When I remove the braces around T... then I receive the Consecutive statements on a line must be separated by ';' error. So, this is not a solution.

Does anyone know a workaround to get the error away?

This happens since XCode 6 Beta 6, which was (really) released today.


This is fixed in the Dollar project now. But for someone who encounters this issue in another project the way to solve it is by doing a unsafeBitCast on the function itself as such which will resolve the compile issue.

typealias Function = [T] -> E
let f = unsafeBitCast(function, Function.self)

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