We've been using Trac for a while now for our developers only. However we are now opening it up for our (internal) clients. We have a project listing page (based on the default one that comes with Trac). What we'd like to do, is display more information about the project than what is currently available.

I have searched google and here, to see if I can find how to get more information. There seems to be a variable called $project which has .name, .description and .href as attributes.

Is there somewhere, a list of the attributes available? Or perhaps a different solution altogether that will allow us to display more information on the project list page. Such as the number of open tickets etc.

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As far as I known, you can use $project.env as well. It is an object, which provides a number of attributes:

  • $project.env.base_url
  • $project.env.base_url_for_redirect
  • $project.env.secure_cookies
  • $project.env.project_name
  • $project.env.project_description
  • $project.env.project_url
  • $project.env.project_admin
  • $project.env.project_admin_trac_url
  • $project.env.project_footer
  • $project.env.project_icon
  • $project.env.log_type
  • $project.env.log_file
  • $project.env.log_level
  • $project.env.log_format

More detail is available at env.py


On the project page customization page there is not much variables, indeed. Looking at the source code there is also trac.version, trac.time, but that's all. There is also project.env that may hold more information. I do not have a multiproject setup at hand, so you might be interested to see for yourself what variables are available with TracDeveloper plugin. It dumps variables if enabled and you add debug=true in the URL.

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