I want to create context menu for treeitems in a treeview. The thing is I want to display different context menu for each treeItem. How to implement this? enter image description here

Foe example I want to create "Add Employee" for Acc Dept and "Add Supporter" for IT support.

Based on name of the treeitem the context menu needs to be displayed.

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    Use a custom Tree Cell and set the context menu on the cell. I have a blog post on doing something similar for a TableView: see if that helps. – James_D Aug 19 '14 at 15:22
  • @James_D cool idea, particularly the merging of menuItems :-) Wouldn't have expected that adding a menuItem to several menus would work. Re-parenting seems to happen on showing, not on adding? – kleopatra Aug 21 '14 at 9:16
  • MenuItems are not Nodes, so you're not adding the same Node to multiple places in the scene graph. They behave a bit like the items in a ListView or TableView (except there's no menu cell API), you could readily add the same item to multiple ListViews. – James_D Aug 21 '14 at 10:30
  • @James_D oops ... assumed (nearly) everything being a Node ... Thanks for the info, made my learn-item of the day :-) – kleopatra Aug 21 '14 at 12:08
  • @James_D hmm ... then could we get into trouble with your approach if the graphic property is set on a MenuItem? – kleopatra Aug 21 '14 at 12:13
 public TreeModel() {
        MenuItem addMenuItem = new MenuItem("Create Tab");

        addMenuItem.setOnAction(new EventHandler() {
            public void handle(Event t) {
                TreeItem newEmployee = 
                    new TreeItem<>("New Tab");



This works. @James thanks a lot for your excellent article :)


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