I'm newly Redhat user,

I would like to install Quartus II version 13.0 Sp 1 "I must install 32-bit compatibility libraries before installing the Quartus II software" And I try to use "apt-get install ia32-libs.i386" and "yum install ia32-libs.i386" are not work.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

* Remark : My Redhat 6 run on Parallels Desktop(Macbook Air 2014)

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On Redhat you should consider using rpm instead of apt-get or yum.
The packages to install are listed in the altera support site:

glibc.i686, libXext.i386, libX11.i386, libXau.i386, libXdmcp.i386, freetype.i386, fontconfig.i386, and expat.i386.


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