I've asked couple days ago this question xpages returning class icon in view column and I understood the fact that the content type must be set to "HTML".

Is it possible to 'concatenate' some fa-icon ( <span class="fa-save fa" /> ) with the dialog title?

        <xe:dialog id="exampleDialog" refreshOnShow="true">
        <span class="fa-save fa" />
        <xe:this.title><![CDATA[#{javascript:"Some string returned."}]]>
        // I couldn't add the <span> tag here...
        <xe:dialogContent id="dialogContent1">

but the icon is added lower than the title bar.

  • I have not tried it myself before but I am sure there's a solution. What have you tried? :-) Commented Aug 20, 2014 at 6:23

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It is indeed possible to do this:

enter image description here

You just need to return all of the required HTML in the title property. Here's the example used for the above picture:

<xe:dialog id="InputDialog" style="width:200px">
    <xe:this.title><![CDATA[#{javascript:"<span class='fa-save fa' /><i>Testing</i>"}]]></xe:this.title>
    <xe:dialogContent id="dialogContent1">Test content</xe:dialogContent>

The dialog title area doesn't have a facet, so you can only enter plain text in there. It would only be possible by extending the Extension Library Dialog Control itself to either add a facet or add HTML in the title.

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