I am looking for an expression for the .hgignore file, to ignore all files beneath a specified folder.

eg: I would like to ignore all files and folders beneath bin

Actually any advice on how the expressions are formed would be great



syntax: glob
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  • this is much easier I think :) – Xian Nov 2 '08 at 10:03
  • PhiLho, I think that would also filter out files named bin – Peter Gibson May 16 '11 at 23:13
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    This answer, plus this documentation helped me: selenic.com/mercurial/hgignore.5.html – CenterOrbit Oct 4 '12 at 4:31
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    bin bin/ bin/* bin/** - All do the same thing with glob i.e. ignore all directories & sub-directories named bin but not any file name bin.txt or bin1 . What's the point of asterix? – user Jun 30 '13 at 13:03
  • I like it as clarity, but certainly use 'bin' if you've internalized the glob rules (I'm a re sort of guy) – Ry4an Brase Jul 1 '13 at 5:19

I did some experiments and I found that the regex syntax on Windows applies to the path starting with the current repository, with backslashes transformed to slashes.

So if your repository is in E:\Dev for example, hg status will apply the patterns against foo/bar/file1.c and such. Anchors apply to this path.


  • Glob applies to path elements and is rooted to element parts
  • foo matches any folder (or file) named foo (not to "foobar" nor "barfoo")
  • *foo* matches any folder or file with "foo" in the name
  • foo/bar* matches all files in "foo" folder starting with "bar"

  • Regex is case sensitive, not anchored
  • Of course, backslash regex special characters like . (dot)
  • / matches \ path separator on Windows. \ doesn't match this separator...
  • foo matches all files and folders with "foo" inside
  • foo/ matches only folders ending with "foo"
  • /foo/ matches the folder "foo" somewhere in the path
  • /foo/bar/ matches the folder "bar" in the folder "foo" somewhere in the path
  • ^foo matches file or folder starting by foo at the root of the repository
  • foo$ matches file ending with foo

I hope this will help, I found the HGIGNORE(5) page a bit succinct.

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  • I have the pattern ''[Dd]ebug*/'' in use and the strange Thing is, that it also filters files like ''debug.txt'' – Mehrdad Mirreza Oct 13 '16 at 14:08

Both of those will also filter out a directory called cabin, which might not be what you want. If you're filtering top-level, you can use:


For bin directories below your root, you can omit the ^. There is no need to specify syntax, regexp is the default.

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    This won't ignore anything. The caret says only things in the repo root but the leading slash catches only dirs not in the repo root. – Ry4an Brase Nov 24 '08 at 4:14

Nevermind, I got it

syntax: regexp

expressions follow standard perl regular expression syntax.

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    Indeed, and your expression means "file or folder ending with bin and followed by 0 or more backslashes"... So it works because the backslash is nullified by the *, but it applies anything with "bin" inside. On Windows, hg replaces \ by / before matching. – PhiLho Dec 6 '08 at 12:32

syntax: glob bin/**

This answer is shown above, however I'd also like to add that * and ** are handled differently. ** is recursive, * is not.

See Hg Patterns

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to ignore .class files

syntax: regexp
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