When I try to upload the App on the App Store I am getting the following Error

ITMS -9000 Bundle Error. The Bundle is invalid. Invalid XML Character at 0x0010 at index in Info.plist .

I have verified the following things

  • Provisioning profile matches with the bundle id.

  • Keychain access keys are valid for the certificate.

  • Removed extra added features like Applovin Sdk Key from Info.plist

  • Current Xcode Version is 5.1.1

Highly Appreciate the help.

Error Image Screenshot


Check your bundle version

I found the same problem as yours. The issue was from "Bundle version" in info.plist. In my case, the previous version was 1.0 and the version I uploaded was 1.0.2. Even The Bundle version was higher than previous version, Don't know why iTunes won't get it. So to solve this I change back to original uploaded version pattern from 1.0.2 to 1.1 and it worked for me. I hope my answer could help.

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