I have this table in SQL Server 2012:

DomainName NVARCHAR(150)

And the table have these DomainName values

  1. google.com
  2. microsoft.com
  3. othersite.com

And this value:


and I need to select the rows where the string ends with the column value, for this value I need to get the row no.3 othersite.com

It's something like this:

DomainName Like '%value' 

but in reverse ...

'value' Like %DomainName

You can use such query:

WHERE 'value' LIKE '%' + DomainName
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    Note that on other databases (eg Oracle) you'll need to use the string concatenation operator, because '+' will give you an invalid number error. E.g: WHERE 'value' LIKE '%' || DomainName – Tydaeus Aug 2 '16 at 15:58

In Oracle you can use REGEXP_LIKE string function for string start/ends with search. This function 1st argument is an expression/source string and 2nd argument is a pattern/search string. Use dollar $ for a ends with value and ^ for starts with value. For example

select * from TABLE1 where REGEXP_LIKE(DomainName, :value ||'$');

If you have a OR condition between different values, then use following pipe | syntax.

select * from TABLE1 where REGEXP_LIKE(DomainName, 'value1$|value2$|value2$');

Refer this link for more info on REGEXP_LIKE string function

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