I created an MSI installer with WiX 3.8 and I get this error in the MSI log when installing it:

MSI (s) (A0:60) [19:14:59:510]: Note: 1: 2205 2:  3: Error
MSI (s) (A0:60) [19:14:59:510]: Note: 1: 2262 2: AdminProperties 3: -2147287038 

How can I fix this error?
Or maybe is it a known WiX/MSI issue that can be safely ignored?

My WiX script is extremely simple, it just installs a shell extension, so I have no idea where this error comes from.

From the GUI point of view, the installation finishes with no visible problem.

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Error 2205 in MSI is Database: [2]. Table does not exist: [3].and in this case it looks like there is no Error table in the MSI file. 2262 is Stream does not exist: [2]. System error: [3]. so it seems to be looking for a missing stream, AdminProperties, and if there was more of the log shown the context might tell you what's going on, a custom action or whatever. -2147287038 is just "not found", so it's just another "can't find it" error.

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Improved?: Different ways to create and interpret MSI logs.

Try to enable flush to log by adding the ! character to the msiexec command line, like this:

msiexec.exe /i C:\Path\Your.msi /L*vx! C:\Your.log

This will force the log file to be written to continuously (flushed) instead of in batches. This ensures no log-buffer is lost due to a crashing package. This makes the whole install a lot slower, so only enable it when it is needed.

See msifaq.com for more details (logging faq entry). Search for "value 3" in the log file to find errors as explained by Rob Mensching (Wix & Orca author).

Some other factors to consider:

  • Could anti-virus software or desktop security software be preventing file extraction?
  • Is there plenty of space on the system drive?
  • Are there any errors found during a disk scan?
  • Have you tried running an admin install on the MSI to see if files extract properly that way?
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