I have a DataFrame where I would like to keep the rows when a particular variable has a NaN value and drop the nonmissing values.


    ticker  opinion  x1       x2  
    aapl    GC       100      70  
    msft    NaN      50       40  
    goog    GC       40       60  
    wmt     GC       45       15  
    abm     NaN      80       90  

In the above DataFrame, I would like to drop all observations where opinion is not missing (so, I would like to drop the rows where ticker is aapl, goog, and wmt).

Is there anything in pandas that is the opposite to .dropna()?


Use pandas.isnull on the column to find the missing values and index with the result.

import pandas as pd

data = pd.DataFrame({'ticker': ['aapl', 'msft', 'goog'],
                     'opinion': ['GC', nan, 'GC'],
                     'x1': [100, 50, 40]})

data = data[pd.isnull(data['opinion'])]
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    You can also write data = data[data['opinon'].isnull()] – DataSwede Aug 21 '14 at 18:08

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