I'm trying to get dart to play an audio, but everytime I try to play the Audio I get the following error:

Internal error: 'dart:_blink': error: line 248: native function 'AudioBufferSourceNode_noteOn_Callback_RESOLVER_STRING_1_double' (2 arguments) cannot be found
Native_AudioBufferSourceNode_noteOn_Callback(mthis, when) native "AudioBufferSourceNode_noteOn_Callback_RESOLVER_STRING_1_double";

This is the my Audio class:

class Audio {

  static List<Audio> _loadQueue = new List<Audio>();

  String _url;
  bool loaded = false;
  AudioBufferSourceNode _source;

  Audio(this._url) {
    if (audioContext == null) {
    else {

  void load() {
    print("Loading sound: " + _url);
    HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
    req.open("GET", _url);
    req.responseType = "arraybuffer";
    req.onLoad.listen((e) {
      _source = audioContext.createBufferSource();
      print("Found sound: " + _url + ". Decoding...");
      audioContext.decodeAudioData(req.response).then((buffer) {
        _source.buffer = buffer;
        loaded = true;


  void play() {
    if (!loaded) { return; }

  void stop() {
    if (!loaded) return;

  static void loadAll() {

    _loadQueue.forEach((e) {e.load();});

The audio context and gain node is created in another class like this:

audioContext = new AudioContext();
gainNode = audioContext.createGain();


I don't know what the problem is, especially since it says it's internal, and that it's missing arguments, but the noteOn function only takes one argument.


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I was facing the same issue using dart 1.6. It seems noteOn has been replaced by start in the latest spec/implementation.

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