I want to simulate a Bluetooth headset being connected to a phone, to see how my code reacts to the intents and the connection as a whole. I'm testing on a real device connected via USB, in Eclipse.

I have been able to simulate the pressing of a "media button" by running the following:

adb shell input keyevent <keycode>

I was hoping for something similar, where I can set the device name, device class etc and trigger it?

Running the following produces instructions on various calls that can be made to adb:

adb shell am start

The way to trigger an intent "ACL_CONNECTED" is by typing this:

adb shell am broadcast -a android.bluetooth.adapter.action.ACL_CONNECTED

further options can be added in the command, as per the instructions from above.

The problem is, I want to simulate all the functionality of a Bluetooth device, not just the few intents it triggers. In other words, I want a dummy Bluetooth device which is indistinguishable from a real device from the phone's point of view.

  • Can you specify what functionality you want to simulate? A BluetoothDevice "is really just a thin wrapper for a Bluetooth hardware address". – MDrabic Aug 29 '14 at 17:37

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