I'm trying to get logs from Django app. in setting.py something like this:

'handlers': { 'file': { 'level': 'DEBUG', 'class': 'logging.FileHandler', 'filename': 'elections_app/static/e.log',

When I running django with gunicorn manually, all work fine, log writed in file.

/root/elections/venv/bin/gunicorn elections.wsgi:application

But when i trying to use Upstart, to autostart etc., log is not writing. Log files created as they should, i can read them, but they are empty. Django site working as expected, problem only with log files.

Upstart script (CentOs6):

description "elections django app"

start on runlevel [2345] stop on runlevel [016]


chdir /root/elections

exec /root/elections/venv/bin/gunicorn elections.wsgi:application --bind XXX:80 --timeout 20000 --log-file /root/gunicorn.log --workers 4

What im doing wrong?


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