I'm trying to make a socks 4 proxy server with boost-asio. How can i connect to the site specified by the client if its in network byte order? Can you please provide examples. I'm using a linux so no winsock.

sock4request is what the server receive from the client.

            const boost::array<unsigned char,4> addr={sock4request[5],sock4request[6],sock4request[7],sock4request[8]}; //Network byte address
            unsigned char port[]={sock4request[3],sock4request[4]};
            boost::asio::ip::address_v4 addrip(addr);
            unsigned short portint=lexical_cast<unsigned short>(port);
            tcp::endpoint addrinfo(addrip,portint);
            tcp::socket finalsocket(io_service);

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  • Can you elaborate on what you've already tried? Maybe include some code? – Paweł Stawarz Aug 24 '14 at 1:50
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You should use the built-in linux functions like htons, ntohs.. Please review this page:


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