I have the simple PHP script:

$url = $_REQUEST['url'];
if (preg_match('/\b(https?|ftp):\/\/*/', $url) !== 1) die;
echo (file_get_contents($url));

I am trying to echo the page:


but the echo shows:




I am not a PHP expert but I think this has something to do with persistent URLs? How would I go about fixng this so the echo displays everything after the & symbol as well? I do have cURL installed on my server if that helps. Thanks!


Here the "&" sign is part of query string element. So it will avoid to get value from first "&". We can two more lines on your script to get the work done.

$query=$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];  //get the full query string in url
$query_arr=explode("url=",$query);  //split the string by first get key

$url = $query_arr[1];  //take second parameter as url to be loaded
if (preg_match('/\b(https?|ftp):\/\/*/', $url) !== 1) die;
echo (file_get_contents($url));

The she script available at following url as working script.


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