I have hundreds of pages in the same category and I need a way to add a navigation "form" (or equivalent) on top of every page inside that category using a dropdownbox. I can't use Extensions categorytree or Tree and Menu, for what I know, because their presentation is to big. Even a collapsed clickable tree expands and pushing the actual page to far down.

I have the extensions Semantic MediaWiki and DynamicPageList among other extensions. A list of links to pages inside category "Test" is easily added to a page using the following syntax:


The result looks something like this (with clickable links):

  • Test Semantic Maps
  • Semantic tests
  • Test forms
  • Other tests
  • Testing semantic navigation

The presentation is to big for me when the amount of pages exceeds 100. Is there any way to add the list of page link to a dropdownbox and if neccessary combine it with a "Navigate to"-button and paste that to a page?

I have investigated the possibility using a Semantic Form but dont understand how I can paste the Form to a page.

What I want is what in plain HTML looks like this:


I need it to enable the user to quickly browse to any of the pages inside a Category. The current page inside the Category should be "Default" so that it is easy to find the previous and next page from the dropdown.

  • That's a simple but quite specific need, so I would believe that the easiest way for you would be to write that extension yourself. – leo Aug 24 '14 at 19:22
  • Thanks leo, perhaps that is the best option – Plarsen Aug 26 '14 at 19:15
  • Have you find something? – Maigret Sep 26 '14 at 1:59

I realize this was a long time ago - but I didn't see anything on MediaWiki. I created CategoryDropdown. I'm not certain it meets your exact needs, but possibly. It is currently listed as 'beta'. We'll see if it survives the review process.

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