I have a function that is the same as jQuery.noop, angular.noop and goog.nullFunction: It does nothing and returns undefined, but it is convenient in the form of callback(successFn || noop);.

It can be called with any number of arguments (0 or more) of any type.

This is how I have it currently:

 * @param varArgs {...*}
var noop = function(varArgs) {};

Problem: When called without arguments, Google Closure Compiler gives me this:

Function noop: called with 0 argument(s). 
Function requires at least 1 argument(s) and no more than 1 argument(s).

The funny thing is that goog.nullFunction is annotated for Closure Compiler, but its annotation is also flawed, it throws errors when it's called with one or more arguments:

Function noop: called with 1 argument(s).
Function requires at least 0 argument(s) and no more than 0 argument(s).

Question: How do I annotate my noop function properly?


From the documentation the syntax is:

 * @param {...*} varArgs

You first put the type of variable then it's name. After a test your example does give an error but when using the correct order it doesn't.

  • Thanks! Silly of me :) – Blaise Aug 26 '14 at 12:17

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