How do you use Rails date_select form helper and generate a seperate ng-model for month and for year?

// Slim

= f.date_select :from, { order: [:month, :year], start_year: Time.now.year, end_year: 1990, include_blank: true }, { :'ng-required' => 'isRequired' }

The date_select makes it easy to set differenct prompts per each field. Is there any way to do this with your custom attributes?

date_select("article", "written_on", prompt: { day: 'Select day', month: 'Select month', year: 'Select year' })

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The problem is that date_select creates 3 select_tag fields(one for month, year, and day). You can add the ng-model tag within html_options for date_select, but the problem is that all 3 select fields will have an identical ng-model tag with the same name. Angular doesn't like having multiple ng-model objects with the same name, and I don't know how to get around this. The solution I used was just to recreate what date_select does and create 3 select_tag fields. It's definitely not as elegant as the date_select field but it does work. I'd love to hear if anyone has a better solution!

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