I want to get two values by using linq select query and try to convert object to string list. I am trying to convert list<object> to list<string>. The code as below. I got the error when I convert object to string list : return returnvalue = (List)userlist;

public List<string> GetUserList(string username)
    List<User> UserList = new List<User>();
    List<string> returnvalue = new List<string>();
        string returnstring = string.Empty;
        DataTable dt = Library.Helper.FindUser(username, 200);
        foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)
            User user = new User();
            spuser.id = dr["ID"].ToString();
            spuser.name = dr["Name"].ToString();
    catch (Exception ex)

    List<SharePointMentoinUser> userlist = UserList.Select(a => new User { name = (string)a.name, id = (string)a.id }).ToList();

    **return returnvalue = (List<string>)userlist;**
  • I think your best option is to serialize the result if you need to pass string for some reason. Other than that - try to work on the other end so that it can accepts a List of User objects instead of strings and if that is also not possible, then maybe select single values, but it seems the less preferable scenario.
    – Leron
    Aug 25, 2014 at 4:20

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Select as array then use SelectMany.

return Userlist
     .Select(u => new []{ u.name.ToString(), u.id.ToString() })
     .SelectMany(u => u)

This will return a list that contains user's name and id for all users in UserList.

        List<User> UserList = new List<User>();
        User usr = new User();
        usr.id = "1";
        usr.name = "name1";

        User usr2 = new User();
        usr2.id = "2";
        usr2.name = "name2";

        List<string> userlist = UserList.Select(a => a.id.ToString() +","+ a.name.ToString()).ToList();

        foreach (string str in userlist)


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