We are allowed to use our own custom domain with Github Pages.

For example, I have my page: http://example.com which points to http://username.github.io/project

But now I need to create a subdomain for another folder inside my repo. like

http://zuckerberg.example.com ---> which points to ---> http://username.github.io/project/zuckerberg

Is it possible to accomplish on github? I can't find any documentation about subdomain of custom domains :/

I found this so far https://help.github.com/articles/user-organization-and-project-pages but it's really confusing


You will not be able to point a custom subdomain to http://username.github.io/project/zuckerberg. You will have to point it to another project http://username.github.io/otherproject Some more documentation https://help.github.com/articles/tips-for-configuring-a-cname-record-with-your-dns-provider and https://help.github.com/articles/about-custom-domains-for-github-pages-sites


Examble of real-world CNAME files

The username.github.io repository has a CNAME file with the domain www.domain.com.

 - The User Pages site at username.github.io redirects to www.domain.com.
 - The Project Pages site at username.github.io/project redirects to www.domain.org/project.

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