I have been trying many methods posted in the past but no one does work. Is there a way to download a chrome extensione without installing it ?


I would like to redirect you to this page: Google Forums Link

It has worked for me, i myself have tried it on this extension: Audio EQ I hope it works for you (: if you want my end result (the .crx) just message me (:

EDIT: I had to install a chrome extension on a machine not connected to the internet. I didn't download the .crx file, but I did find a way to install:

  • With a computer connected to the internet, install the extension from the extension page: need 10 rep for 2+ links/
  • Navigate to the extension source code. In XP this is found at: C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\
  • You should see a version folder (ie. "0.0.21_0"). Copy this folder and move it on the machine you want to install on.
  • Open up chrome on the disconnected machine and go to Wrench -> Tools -> Extensions
  • Click the + next to Developer mode to display the developer options
  • Click 'Pack extension...' and choose the version folder as the root directory. Leave the private key file blank. This will create a .crx file in the version folder along with a private key as if you were the developer.
  • Open the .crx file in chrome to install

This should install the extension on a computer without connection to the internet.

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