I'm install the go with the go1.3.1.windows-amd64.msi, after installation GOROOT is default setting, I found the D:\Programs\Go\bin in the PATH,then I create a GOPATH environment variant, when using the 'go get' command, error occurs:

package github.com/coreos/etcd: cannot download, $GOPATH must not be set to $GOROOT. For more details see: go help gopath

OS: windows 7

GOPATH will conflict with GOROOT?

How can I set these two PATH values?

  • GOROOT must reference the folder where you installed GO
  • GOPATH must reference an empty folder which will be your workspace (src/pkg/bin for your projects)

Add those two variables in your user environment variables.

A go get github.com/coreos/etcd should:

  • download the sources in %GOPATH%/src/github.com/coreos/etcd (src is created for you)
  • compile it in %GOPATH%/pkg/windows_amd64 (pkg/ is created for you, windows_amd64 reflects your windows architecture)
  • with go install, install it in %GOPATH%/bin (bin/ is also created for you)

Note: with Go 1.8+ (Q2 2017), GOPATH might be set for you by default to (on Windows) %USERPROFILE%/go.
On Linux, it would be $HOME/go: see issue 17262.

Update 2018, three years later: GOPATH is becoming obsolete with Go 1.11 modules:

mkdir newProject
cd newProject
set GO111MODULE=on
go mod init myproject
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    As he said, point your GOPATH to a separate folder from your GOROOT. A useful vendoring technique is to keep a standard workspace when you are fooling around and then create a separate workspace per project you want to keep exact dependencies of. Alternatively, use godep. – Shelakel Aug 26 '14 at 14:38

I faced with the same problem. However i set everything as it was said in the tutorial but forgot to restart cmd. So the steps were:

  1. Download and install Go distribution(the GOROOT variable was set automatically)
  2. Create new folder wherever you like for your workspace, create there 3 directories: bin, src and pkg
  3. Then go to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> System -> Advansed System Settings -> tab Advanced -> Environment Variables -> add new system variable by clicking New on System varaibles -> Variable name = GOPATH, Variable value = Your:\directory\that\you\created
  4. When you're done, RESTART your cmd or Bash(that's important) and you have your GOPATH set. To be sure run go env and you will see your value.

You should not set $GOROOT.

Type export GOROOT="" to fix your problem.

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