Is there any way to replace a key using put() in a LinkedHashMap without losing the order that the key was originally inserted in?


If you used the LinkedHashMap, I don't think there is built-in method to achieve your goal. You may want to pick another (or design your own) data-structure.

If you have to do it on a linkedhashmap, you can create a new LinkedHashMap, iterate the old one and put into the new one, when your target entry comes, create a new entry with different key, put the new entry into the map.


You do not lose the order when putting a different value for the same key.


Map<String, String> map = new LinkedHashMap<String, String>();
map.put("foo", "bar");
map.put("blah", "baz");
map.put("foo", "foo");


{foo=bar, blah=baz}
{foo=foo, blah=baz}


"Replacing" a key for a given value would imply removing the key value pair, then putting the new key with the stored value.

As such, there is no direct way to do this with a LinkedHashMap, probably not even by inheriting and changing the behavior of remove and put.

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