I'm new to cakephp2 and I need some help here.

The problem is that I have a view that displays a list of items from the database and there is a pagination button below. Instead of moving to the 2nd page by using the pagination, I want to have a single button that will allow you to display(append)10 more data list. But I'm not sure how it is called and how to implement it. Sorry for my bad explanation.


I think, you can play with limit parameter. Somethink like this:

// in controller
function items() {
   $limit = array_key_exists('n', $this->request->query) ? (int) $this->request->query['n'] : 10;

   // some security check you need to add

   $this->paginate = array(
      'limit' => $limit
   $items = $this->paginate($this->YourModel);

   // some other code

      'items' => $items,
      'next_limit' => $limit + 10

// in view file

// items output
foreach($items as $item) ...

// more button
echo "<a href='".$this->here."?n=".$next_limit."'>More</a>";

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