Is there any documentation out there to suggest that GitHub issues are eternal? More specifically, are their URIs reliable to link to?

E.g., I want to link to a Joda-Time issue in a Javadoc to give context as to why a custom de/serializer was necessary. If the link is reliably static I'll be comfortable referencing it in code.



Git issues are completly reliable, no one can remove an issue, even repository's administrators.

A git issue will never die, the worst thing that can happen to an issue is getting locked, resulting in others not being able to comment on them, but still, it's visible to everyone.

Edit: Please note that by removing a repository, all it's issues, pull requests, wiki pages, etc. are removed. More about forks on this.

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    Does that apply if the repository is deleted? – Sam Berry Aug 28 '14 at 2:15
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    @SamB. No, once a repository is removed, all it's issues, pull requests, wiki, etc. are removed. – Mahdi Dibaiee Aug 28 '14 at 2:21

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