I'm using AngularJS UI Router, and revolunet/angular-google-analytics https://github.com/revolunet/angular-google-analytics

Here it is my config:

.config(function(AnalyticsProvider) {
        // initial configuration

        // track all routes/states (or not)

        // Use analytics.js instead of ga.js

        // change page event name

Now is there any other steps to complete? I have NOT modified any states/controllers to include any analytics code, is there anything else required? And what does the following comment means? I guess enabling 'trackPages' is enough, am I right?

.run(function(Analytics) {
  // In case you are relying on automatic page tracking, you need to inject Analytics
  // at least once in your application (for example in the main run() block)

Official reply from @revolunet https://github.com/revolunet/angular-google-analytics/issues/35

You can check if it works in the chrome network console. check calls to google. (via an image i guess)

About the Analytics you need to inject it manually at least once somewhere in your app. (the run block is the good place) so it can be instantiated by angular.

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