I'm writing in Markdown (with a YAML header) and trying to convert to HTML using pandoc. My YAML header has a "tags" field which is a list, like in the following example:

title: Title
tags: [one, two]


In the final result, I would like to display the tags nicely, in e.g. a comma-delimited list. However, in my pandoc template, the variable $tags$ only contains the first tag. Doing something like $for(tags)$$tags$, $endfor$ will generate all the tags, but the trailing comma and space are a problem. How can I display the tags list in the final HTML as one, two instead of just one or one, two,?


I had missed this in the official documentation under Templates:

When variables can have multiple values (for example, author in a multi-author document), you can use the $for$ keyword:

<meta name="author" content="$author$" />

You can optionally specify a separator to be used between consecutive items:

$for(author)$$author$$sep$, $endfor$

So in my case I would do $for(tags)$$tags$$sep$, $endfor$ in the template.

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