I have a java desktop application need to copy a directory to another location.so I've used the


to execute the cmd command

xcopy H:\Source* L:\MY Folder /e /i

but when there is a space in a folder name like

MY Foloder

It returns and error.so how to avoid this .. Any help!

  • I would recommend you implement a Java directory copy and avoid spawining a shell. For one thing, your program is now Windows only. – Elliott Frisch Aug 29 '14 at 4:10
  • Yes windows only..just tell me why the space is affecting ? – Sniper Aug 29 '14 at 4:18
  • see if this one helps: stackoverflow.com/a/17141811/1043824 – inquisitive Aug 29 '14 at 4:20
  • Elliott Frisch save me a lot.thanks bro.. – Sniper Aug 29 '14 at 4:45
  • You have to escape the space and the backslashes. But what you have here doesn't work on the command line if you run it without java. – Elliott Frisch Aug 29 '14 at 5:04

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